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The college held a Chinese language training class at the Bangkok Chinese School in Thailand
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On May 23, the Continuing Education and International Exchange Office of the college organized the opening ceremony of the Chinese language training class of the Chinese Language School in Bangkok, Thailand. Wang Xiaohui, President of Peizhi Public School of Thai Chinese Language School, Zhang Dejun, Deputy Director of International Exchange Office, National Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University of Thailand, Gao Chongjun, Director of Ya'an Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Chen Binbin, Section Chief of Overseas Chinese Affairs Section, Cai Peng, Secretary General of Ya'an Overseas Chinese Federation, College Party Committee Fan Zhengkang, member and vice president, the head of the School's Continuing Education and International Exchange Office, the head of the Teachers College, and representatives of teachers attended the opening ceremony.



In his speech, Gao Chongjun said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the growth education of Chinese teenagers, especially Chinese culture and Chinese education. Through Chinese education, more overseas Chinese teenagers can inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Fan Zhengkang introduced the basic situation of the college and the achievements of the college's international cooperation and exchanges in recent years, focused on the previous exchange and cooperation projects with Thailand, and clarified the main content and significance of this training. Wang Xiaohui traced the history of Peizhi Public School, carried out Chinese education and inherited traditional Chinese culture and expressed his gratitude. Zhang Dejun expressed that he was very happy to build a bridge for the promotion of Chinese language, and wished that the friendship between China and Thailand would rise step by step.

It is reported that the training lasted for 4 days. It was sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Ya'an City, undertaken by the college, led by the Continuing Education and International Exchange Office, and the Teachers College assumed the teaching task. The theme of the training was "promoting Chinese excellent traditional culture". 100 middle school students participated in the training. The main contents of the training are the Spring Festival, Chinese character culture and color culture, and the four seasons in Beijing. The purpose of the training is to let the Chinese teenagers in Phadungkitwitthaya School in Thailand learn more about the Chinese character culture and festival culture of their ancestral nationality, carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and feel the Chinese culture. of breadth and depth.

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