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Sri Lanka-China Social and Cultural Cooperation Association visited the College for exchange and visit
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On June 4, Indrananda Abeysekara, President of Sri Lanka-China Association for Social and Cultural Cooperation, came to the college for an exchange visit accompanied by Zhao Ping, President ofSichuan People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

The guests visited the tea art training room of the tourism management major of Qingnian Road Campus, the acupuncture and massage training room of the clinical medical school and the school history hall. Subsequently, the two sides held a symposium. Li Chunmo, secretary of the party committee of the college, Shi Jing, deputy secretary of the party committee and president, Fan Xianmao, member of the party committee and vice president, heads of the Foreign Affairs Office, the School of Clinical Medicine,the School of Economics and Management, the School of Normal, the Student Office, the Admissions and Employment Office, and some teacher representatives attended the meeting.

Shi Jing gave a welcome speech and introduced the basic situation of the college. Indrananda Abeysekara introduced the basic information of the association and affirmed the quality of the college. The two parties mainly focus on the issue of Sri Lankan students coming to the college to study abroad and establish sister schools with their counterpart universities in Sri Lanka to carry out teacher-student exchanges, education and cooperation in tourism management, and hotel management. Traditional Chinese medicine culture, acupuncture, massage, and tea culture have entered Sri Lanka. In-depth discussions and negotiations were conducted on exchanges, exhibitions and technical services, and cooperation intentions were reached.

In his concluding speech, Zhao Ping put forward four comments. The first is to strengthen mutual visits and exchanges between the two sides, so as to understand each other's school-running system and mechanism and seek better cooperation; the second is to send teachers and students to Sri Lanka for exchanges and exhibitions by hosting tea culture event between Sri Lanka and China; the third is to attach importance to the exchanges and visits of young people from both sides, and recruit Sri Lankan students to study in the college; the forth is to after the strengthen the closer relationship in the college and Sri Lankan Educational exchanges and cooperation after successfully hosting the first China South Asia Youth Leaders Exchange last year, and I wish the college and Sri Lanka a successful exchange and cooperation.

This exchange activity established a bridge for educational exchanges between the college and Sri Lanka and started the work of recruiting international students to China. The college actively conducts educational and cultural exchanges with South Asian countries and allows Chinese medicine culture and tea culture to "go globally", which is also an important measure for the college to actively participate in the "Belt and Road" educational action plan.

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