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The college went to Cambodia to carry out international student enrollment promotion and exchange visits
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In order to actively join the“Belt and Road”education action plan, combine the educational needs of countries along the route, and promote the international exchange and cooperation of the college, at the invitation of the public Zhongshan School in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, the deputy secretary of the party committee of the college, Fu Hongtao, led the team, and the director of the foreign affairs office. Li You, Deputy Dean of the School of Management, and Feng Lin, Director of the Teaching and Research Office of the School of Economics and Management, and a group of four went to Zhongshan School from June 24th to 28th for an exchange visit to carry out international student enrollment promotion and cooperation project negotiation.

During the visit, the delegation visited the old and new campuses of the public Zhongshan School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and had a discussion and exchange. President Xie Nanxing, President Chen Jinhe, consultant Weng Pingguang, and principal of Zhongshan Public School Chen Shiyang attended the symposium. Fu Hongtao introduced the basic situation of running a school in our school, and introduced and interpreted the relevant matters about the enrollment of foreign students in academic and non-academic training courses in Chinese language and literature, tourism management, acupuncture and massage and other majors. Chen Shiyang introduced the basic situation, school-running model and operation status of the public Zhongshan school, and expressed his support for the project of recruiting international students in our school. Chen Jinhe said that the two sides should strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation, deepen mutual understanding and carry out mutual visits. The two sides carried out in-depth exchanges and negotiation, and reached a preliminary consensus. The school said that it will actively do a good job in the publicity and publicity work of our school to recruit international students.

The delegation went deep into the classroom of Zhongshan School to listen to the class, had friendly exchanges with teachers and students, gave a presentation on our school's recruitment program for international students, answered students' questions about scholarship applications, major choices, etc. The Hanban and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office teachers communicated with each other and achieved good results.

The work of recruiting international students in Cambodia this time has opened a new chapter for the college to recruit foreign students. It is also an important measure for the college to actively integrate into the“Belt and Road”educational exchanges and cooperation, and has laid a solid foundation for enhancing the understanding and exchanges between the youths of both sides. , made efforts to promote China-Cambodia educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation.

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