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Brief Introduction
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Ya'an Polytechnic College is located in Ya'an City, which is known as the Lung of Tianfu, the Hometown of Giant Pandas, the Throat of Western Sichuan, the Portal to Tibet, and the National Corridor. It is a public full-time higher vocational college formed by merging Ya'an Health School and Ya'an School of Education, and is approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government in 2002. The college has more than 70 years of school-running background, and has accumulated rich school-running resources and experience, and strong school-running strength. It is a demonstration school for the employment competitiveness of vocational colleges in the country, the best-civilized unit in the province, a provincial civilized campus, a provincial-level demonstration school, a provincial high-quality vocational college as well as a construction unit of provincial Double High-level Plans.

The college currently has three campuses, namely the Economic Development Zone Campus, Qingnian Road Campus and Yucai Road Campus, covering an area of about 137 acres, with more than 18,000 students, and recruiting students from nearly 20 provinces and cities across the country. The college has established long-term and stable internship and employment cooperative relations with more than 260 employers such as education, medicine, health, tourism and other fileds in and outside the province. Graduates are well received by the society, and the employment rate of graduates has been stable at more than 90% for many years, showing a good development trend of smooth exports, prosperous imports, and guaranteed intermediate quality.

There are 9 secondary schools in the college, which are School of Marxism, School of Clinical Medicine (Affiliated Hospital), School of Nursing, School of Pharmacology, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Rehabilitation, School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Manufacturing and Information Engineering, School of Education, and School of Economics and Management. More than 53 majors of higher vocational and specialized education, 19 training centers, and many important training bases for talents are set up in the college.

The college adheres to the purpose of service, takes employment as the orientation, takes the road of school-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration, actively adapts to local economic and social development, and actively explores the formation of a five-party cooperative education system of “Government-College-Industry-Enterprise-Overseas Institute”, that is, government-dominating, school-based, industry-leading, enterprise-involved, and overseas cooperation. It innovates to form a multi-agent organically combined talent training model of “students becoming talents, college educating talents, and society employing talents”, perfected and formed a specialty group with big health specialty group being the guide, and intelligent manufacturing, information technology, normal education, and economic management developing coordinately. The college actively responds to the Belt and Road initiative, recruits international students, and continuously expands international exchanges and cooperation with traditional Chinese culture such as tea art, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage as the carrier.

Under the leadership of the party committee of the college, the teachers and students of the college, with the good spirit of seeking for truth and pragmatism, forging ahead, united and striving, and pursuing excellence, are make unremitting efforts to create a higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics, integration of education and industry, which is innovation-driven, nationally renowned and internationally recognized.

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