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Introduction to the Vineyard Workers’ Church

Based on a rock-solid foundation of prayer the Vineyard Workers Church was entrenched with the sole motive of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost world. The Vineyard Workers’ church has been a wellspring of hope for innumerable souls who are lost with no direction, broken with no comfort or distressed with no relief.

The services are conducted thrice a week namely; Saturday, Sunday and Monday and every service sees a crowd of 20000 and more souls seeking the truth. The Saturday blessing meeting is an enthralling sight to see as multitudes walk out of the church being saved, healed and delivered. Sunday service serves as a time to refuel your soul and be blessed while the Monday discipleship meeting is a bible study in-depth guiding each soul to get closer to Jesus.

The Saturday, Sunday, and Monday meetings are conducted by Dr. Pastor Peter David Silway the Founder of Vineyard Workers Church. Driven and living by the vision planted in his heart by God, Pastor Peter effortless works in the Vineyard to preach the gospel to not only people in Maharashtra but all across the nation through different media platforms.

The Vineyard Workers Church is a place that has been blessed by God and draws the attention of souls who are wandering around in fear, distress, hopelessness, brokenness or anxiety. With one mindset of doing anything for Jesus, the team of Vineyard Workers Church works together under the spiritual hand of Pastor Peter to give the lost world what they need the most – Jesus.