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In JESUS there is always progress


Greetings to you in the NAME of our LORD JESUS CHRIST

In JESUS there is always progress. There is no stagnancy. JESUS alone fulfills your desire to excel.  This was a month full of activities. We had the Cell Leaders training program. It energized and equipped the cell leaders who are working all over Maharashtra to spread the gospel of CHRIST. This was followed by the FATHER’s Day Celebration. A joyful occasion for my congregation and me as together we celebrated the fatherhood of our Heavenly FATHER and also the Matrimonial get together which helped settle hundreds of life.

The work of GOD is increasing and abounding. Our place is vibrant and alive with the power of GOD always present to heal, bless and transform individuals and families. No matter where you are, I pray that you become a part and parcel of this vibrant life. Nothing can substitute GOD’s Grace.  You will read about how to access this grace, live in it and make grace abound in every aspect of your life. Also, remember no matter what you are going through, GOD can bring a change. HE promises to give beauty for ashes. Yes, you may be sitting on a heap of ashes, on rubble. You just need to look up to JESUS, take a leap of faith and be ready to trade your past for a healed present and a victorious future.

The monthly POWER PRAYER is a time of great fellowship and is bringing significant changes in all aspects of our Ministry. It will be wonderful to have you join in the Power Prayer this month.

Finally, I am delighted to share that GOD is opening effectual doors for us. He is lengthening our cords and strengthening our stakes! As you continue to bless us by your prayers and contributions, you too will be a part of this expansion. Kindly keep me in your daily prayers, while I pray for you.

GOD bless you all

Pastor (Dr.) Peter David Silway

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