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Dr. Pastor Jayshree Peter Silway

Dr. Pastor Jayshree Peter Silway

Dr. Pastor Jayshree Peter Silway is the Co-founder and Co-Pastor of the Vineyard Workers’ of Christ Church.

Jayshree Panarkar was her maiden name and she hailed from a prestigious Gujrathi family. She grew up in the loving nurture of her kin who doted on her with overflowing love as she was the youngest amongst the four children. She relished the luxuries of life as a kid to her teenage years.

Her life took a new shape when she married Pastor Peter David Silway in 1986 and willingly said yes to plan of God in her life. She gave up her opulent life for the ministry works of Jesus. Coming from an affluent Gujrathi family Pastor Jayshree made her decision to dedicate her life to Jesus standing as a pillar of strength for Pastor Peter and VWCC. Her sacrifice and dedication made her the voice of Pastor Peter to the state of Maharashtra as she translates for him in Marathi. The local crowd intently listen to her as she relates to their understanding.

Pastor Jayshree Peter Silway is extremely zealous for the kingdom of God and walks in the same vision with Pastor Peter. She also sings gospel songs in Hindi, Marathi, English and Tamil that touch the heart of thousands.

The enduring power that Jesus has blessed her with makes her a dynamic woman of God.