Yuva Partners

‘Protect your Child’- ‘Build around him THE WALL OF PRAYER’

Under the guidance of the LORD, Dr. Peter David Silway initiated the ‘Yuva Plan’. This plan aims at prayerfully monitoring the upbringing of a child. Dr. Peter David Silway, Dr. Jayashri Peter Silway along with the prayer warriors of PETER SILWAY MINISTRIES keep the YUVA partners in fervent prayers and bring them under the covering of the Almighty GOD.

This plan is specially introduced for the age group of people between 0-35 years. Dr. Peter David Silway himself holds the YUVA Partners Meet in which he meets each YUVA partner and his family and personally prays for them.The first ‘Yuva Partners Meet’ was held on 15th August,2013, which was attended by around 1200 Yuva Partners. They were delighted to be given the ‘Yuva Partners’ certificates personally by Dr. Peter David Silway.

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