Special Women’s Meeting : Pastor (Dr.) Jayshree also conducts special Women’s Meeting in the Church regularly. The theme of her messages is how women – who are called ‘makers of  homes’ should carry and reflect the true love of JESUS CHRIST. Her messages focus on how to a woman has to be a Daughter of CHRIST.

PASTOR (DR.) JAYSHREE PETER SILWAY, THE CO-PASTOR AND FOUNDER OF VINEYARD WORKERS’ CHURCH is a Woman selected, separated and chosen by THE LORD to walk with Pastor Peter David Silway is an ever-ready broken vessel ready to be used by THE LORD in every facet of the ministry.

She is being used by THE LORD most marvelously to storm the Good News of CHRIST in every corner of the City of  Pune through her Anointed Sermons and Worship Songs in Marathi. An Video CD ‘Upasana’ of her Anointed Worship has been released recently. Her messages are sound and complete. They are packed with the Wisdom of GOD and are a result of her years of labor in GOD’s Kingdom. They are effectively spreading THE LIGHT OF CHRIST and building the BODY of CHRIST.

She has conducted successful Gospel Meetings and Crusades in Tilak Smarak Mandir (Sadashiv Peth), Ahmednagar and Islampur.  The Tilak Samarak meeting conducted on the 10th of March 2013 was a revival Crusade in the heart of the city. Around 1000 people attended this meeting and were blessed.

We are now conducting regular Monthly meetings of Pastor (Dr.) Jayshree in the Church and Crusades in and out of the City.


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