Corporate Youth Meeting

The Corporate Youth Meeting is a brainchild of Pastor (Dr) Peter David Silway. The purpose is to equip the youth with a holistic training program in which one gains insight about his talents and skills and consequently sets educational and professional goals. It is a journey of discovering one’s capacity to mould his personality along with exploring the gamut of career opportunities that is available in the world.

Pastor (Dr.) Peter David Silway entrusted to Mr. Johnson Paulose (Johnny Sir), this sapling- to nurture and grow. Mr. Johnson Paulose has been in the educational sector for more than 20 years and has mentored thousands of youngsters to achieve educational, career and personal success.

The beginning was small (like every good thing!). A handful of youth gathered to inaugurate the Corporate Youth Meeting. It was a quiet, solemn occasion. Today, more than 150 youngsters gather every Sunday evening for a lively, motivational session. After a time of prayer and WORD, there is an intensive discussion and exchange between Human Resource Consultants/Career Counselor and job seeking participants.

Till date more than 70 attendees have got jobs. Around 32 consultancies have addressed the audience and set up their counters in the Church itself. Many School dropouts have resumed their studies. Presently, the Corporate Youth Committee works with a database of 2000 prospective candidates

A major component of this wing is Educational and Career Counseling. Sister Vinita is the Chief Counselor.  She interacts with the participants, analyzes their academic and career status and guides them on immediate steps to be taken as well as the career ladder that’s best for them to pursue.

Regular English Speaking and Communicative English Classes are conducted every Tuesday and Wednesday between 6:30pm to 8:30pm for those desiring to know and speak fluent English.

Periodic Interview training sessions are conducted by Consultancies and Corporate Trainers.

Click link to view the consultancies that have visited us! You may personally meet any of these consultancies with the reference of Mr. Johnson Paulose.

List of Consultancies

If you need guidance on how to make resumes or to coordinate with consultancies you may contact Ms. Bhavana on (+91)-9689923348. You can write to us or send us your Resumes/Biodata/CV/Profiles on:

In case of any further queries,  feel free to contact Mr. Johnson Paulose on  (+91)-8888881374

IF YOU WANT A BREAKTHROUGH IN YOUR EDUCATION AND/ OR JOB, LEARN TO SET AND GET GOALS- DON’T MISS THE CORPORATE YOUTH MEETING. It is specially designed to develop in you a GODLY character and enhance your employability skills.

Time : 4:30pm to 6:30pm -Sunday evenings

  [Interaction with counselors and consultants continue till 7:30pm]

Venue : Vineyard Workers’ Church

On 3rd March, 2013 we had Mr. Vikram Khanolkar, the head of “Greenfield Management & Placement Consultants” who conducted a First Round of Interview with 30 Candidates from the Corporate Youth Group for Openings in a German based Engineering company in Chakan, Pune. 27 Candidates were shortlisted for the Second round of Interview to be conducted by the Company. And 15 of them were finally SELECTED and instantly were absorbed by the Company.

Attached are the details of the Profiles for which interviews are still going on.


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