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READ THE FOLLOWING. Please Do not proceed further if you are not fulfilling the following definition of a believer.
Who is a believer? A believer is a person who has accepted JESUS as his/her personal Savior, LORD and Master and who is also baptized in the name of THE FATHER , THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT. This baptism refers to the baptism mentioned in The Bible (immersion baptism) and not child baptism.

Peter Silway Ministries is not responsible for the correctness of the information displayed on this site. To use this site, a person need not be a member of Peter Silway Ministries. We believe that genuine people will view this site and utilize it correctly. Ensure that you personally verify the accuracy of the information. If anybody wants to proceed based on any information displayed, it is the responsibility of both the parties involved to ascertain and then proceed. In any case Peter Silway Ministries or any member of the church is not responsible.

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