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Pastor (Dr.) Peter David Silway

       Pastor Dr. Peter David Silway is the Founder, President and Senior Pastor of the Peter Silway Ministries and Vineyard Workers’ Church. A man with a godly vision, focused action and effective results, Dr. Silway continues to stir the kingdom of GOD in the hearts of men. He’s GOD’s chosen servant who has been in the ministry of teaching and preaching. THE WORD of GOD in the demonstration of THE LORD HOLY SPIRIT for the past 25 years. It all began on the 23rd September, 1989. GOD showed to Dr. Peter David Silway in a vision a huge stretch of land wherein multitudes were gathered listening to THE WORD of GOD and praising HIM. In another vision, GOD once again showed Pastor a huge crowd of hundreds and thousands of people. Pastor Dr. Peter David Silway along with his wife Pastor Dr. Jayshree Peter Silway was preaching and ministering to them. THE LORD GOD said to him in the vision, “These are the people that I am going to give you.” Pastor Peter took these visions to heart and set about to acquire land. At that time his every effort met a dead end. He faced one disappointment after another. GOD, again spoke to him through another vision and gave him the call as per Luke 4:18. “Preach the gospel to the poor. I am going to make them rich and they in turn are going to make you rich.” And from that day onwards he went on the streets and invited beggars and the poor, needy and broken hearted people. They all came and received the good news. GOD blessed these poor people and when they prospered, they in turn sowed in the Ministry under Pastor Dr. Peter David Silway and his wife. That is how they could pay the initial payment for the land. At another occasion, they urgently needed two lacs to pay the last down payment. Any delay would have cancelled the deal. At that moment, they received a gift, a cheque of two lacs. Later, they came to know that GOD had shown the face of Pastor Peter to HIS beloved servant Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran, Jesus Calls, Chennai and commanded him to send the said amount. At that time Dr. Dhinakaran didn’t know Pastor Peter. He searched his address and promptly sent the money. This display of GOD’s faithfulness strengthened Pastor’s heart. They bought the land and built the church. Today, the membership has grown from 300 to 25,000. His message of GOD’s unconditional love and GOD’s call to respond to this love revolutionizes people everywhere.

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