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Pastor (Dr.) Jayshree Peter Silway

      Wife of Founder-Pastor Peter David Silway, Pastor Jayshree Peter Silway is the Co-Pastor and Co-Founder of Vineyard Workers’ Church. Hailing from a Hindu-Gujarati background, Pastor Jayshree experienced the touch of JESUS along with her husband in the year 1989. Jayshree Panarkar, as she was known before her marriage, came from a wealthy Gujarati family. As a growing girl, Jayshree was shy and she cherished the comfort and security that her family provided. She was the youngest of her siblings and consequently everybody’s darling. Jayshree Panarkar became Jayshree Peter Silway in 1986. Being the wife of the man she loved, had a unique sweetness. It also included a new experience of adapting to a modest lifestyle from that of a lavish one. Soon, GOD intervened and introduced Himself to this young couple. Both Peter and Jayshree experienced the sweet love of their Saviour JESUS and they were convinced that their life belonged to HIM. Being filled with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT they joined a small believer’s group and became strong witnesses. At the same time GOD started blessing and prospering them in all fronts.
Today, Pastor (Dr.) Jayshree Peter Silway is an inspiration and mentor to women everywhere. The backbone of Peter Silway Ministries, Pastor Jayshree is also a sweet mom to Little Sandra. She is mightily used by THE LORD as a translator for Pastor Peter’s messages during seminars and leadership trainings. She is a great source of encouragement and an embodiment of godliness. She is committed to help women, children and families discover their purpose and reach their highest potential in CHRIST.

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