Peter Silway Ministries

Peter Silway Ministries is an organization committed to be a living epistle of CHRIST’S teachings. Pastor Dr. Peter David Silway, the Founder President of Vineyard Workers’ Church, Dapodi, Pune, India established the Peter Silway Ministries in the year 1989. A divine intervention of CHRIST THE LORD, followed by a unique mandate to preach the good news to the poor of the land was the pioneering forces behind this establishment.

Inspired and anointed by this command, Pastor Dr. Peter David Silway, began preaching about the love of GOD to the broken hearted people of the land. The outcome was significant. Broken families, addicts, poor, lonely and lost souls saw a ray of hope in these meetings. Pastor Peter’s fervent prayers for the sick and the needy brought about a great change in the society. Countless addicts have given away their wayward lives and are now leading a blessed and prosperous life. Broken families have been reunited. The poor have learnt to live a life of dignity. Households have found peace in their homes.

Pastor Dr. Peter David Silway, is supported by his wife, Pastor Dr. Jayshree Peter Silway. They conduct weekly prayer meetings on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. A crowd of more than 15000 people from varied faith and background joyfully participate in these meetings. Life in THE SPIRIT seminars, character building workshops are conducted at frequent intervals for the benefit of the entire BODY of CHRIST.

Peter Silway Ministries is also avid in spreading GOD’s love by extending support to the needy section of the society. Annual projects are undertaken at various orphanages wherein aids in the form of food, clothing and medicines are given. The Ministries also holds blood donation drives, free medical camps and works in collaboration with other deserving NGOs.

Today Peter Silway Ministries has one of the fastest growing churches in India. It continues to be the light of GOD’s love in an otherwise bleak society.


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