October 2015
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
How wonderful is our God.He truly takes care of each one of us,if we trust on him.There is such great peace when you know God.After I tasted the lord I have stopped spending my life struggling against the devil,and every bad luck,and evil eye.Sometimes I hear people talk more on the negative things than the positive things.Think on what good things can happen to you.As a child of God we should not fear any evil report.God is in control of all things.
Beloved people,God is doing wonderful things in my ministry.It is growing in leaps and bounds.People are being blessed immensely.
My prayer is always for you.Do not lose hope,don't give up.God is on the throne.He still rules.The world is not gone out of his hands.If he wants he can change things for you.So pray and seek his face and see the results.
May God bless you
Peter David Silway

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